Who Am I

After reading even a single post, you can easily say that I am someone who has a lot of information about the real estate. I have been in this business for many years now. I just used to invest some of my savings in property.



As I started getting good returns, I quit my job and started dealing in real estate full time. I have made many poor decisions in the beginning, some on the advice of bad realtors and others on my own. I suffered some losses, but even that was beneficial for me considering all the lessons I learnt.


Now I want to share all the knowledge I have gathered others. There are many young people who think of investing in property but are afraid of the losses. I won’t say that this business is not risky. But with a little experience and the right knowledge, you can learn to minimize the risks very easily.



And that’s exactly what I want to teach here. Real estate market has got a bad name because of some agents. But people like me know how beneficial it can be. I want to change the mindset of those against it to help them understand its advantages.